2013 WR Rankings

These are all based on data I gathered from watching film. I’ll add the actual numbers when I post breakdowns and scouting reports of these wide receivers.

Most Yards After the Catch

  1. Stedman Bailey
  2. Quinton Patton
  3. Keenan Allen
  4. Cordarrelle Patterson
  5. DeAndre Hopkins
  6. Terrance Williams
  7. Justin Hunter
  8. Markus Wheaton

Best Hands (Fewest Drops)

  1. Keenan Allen
  2. Terrance Williams
  3. Stedman Bailey
  4. Quinton Patton
  5. DeAndre Hopkins
  6. Cordarrelle Patterson
  7. Markus Wheaton
  8. Justin Hunter

Most Red Zone Yardage

  1. Quinton Patton
  2. Stedman Bailey
  3. DeAndre Hopkins
  4. Terrance Williams
  5. Markus Wheaton
  6. Keenan Allen
  7. Justin Hunter
  8. Cordarrelle Patterson

Deepest Catches (Where the ball was caught, before any yards after catch)

  1. Terrance Williams
  2. DeAndre Hopkins
  3. Markus Wheaton
  4. Justin Hunter
  5. Cordarelle Patterson
  6. Stedman Bailey
  7. Quinton Patton
  8. Keenan Allen

Biggest Deep Threat (Most catches 20+ yards)

  1. Terrance Williams
  2. DeAndre Hopkins
  3. Markus Wheaton
  4. Justin Hunter
  5. Stedman Bailey
  6. Quinton Patton
  7. Cordarrelle Patterson
  8. Keenan Allen
3 Responses “2013 WR Rankings” →

  1. mikesettle2925

    February 3, 2013

    Are these WR’s the only ones you’ve done work on? I’m curious to see how Tavon Austin turned out.

    • Yeah, I’m going to add Justin Hunter. I’m also going to a separate post on Tavon Austin which won’t limit him to the passing game with the other WRs. Given his huge impact in the run game, I think he deserves a whole post to distinguish his various talents.


  2. mikesettle2925

    February 3, 2013

    Terrific. I’ve done some work on Justin Hunter as well. But what you did with the QB stats is some extraordinary stuff. Keep it up man! I mentioned you on our facebook page, Chiefconcerns.com


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